Happy New Year !

I hope you all enjoyed the end of 2013, and I would like to wish you all an Happy 2014 Year !

Coming CES will show new IoT tendencies with more IoT actors, products and services in the next year, all well packaged, but very closed, sometime inappropriate to hobbyists you are. WebIOPi intends to allows anyone making their own connected things, with a unique framework using best-practices and future proof protocols.

This year will be a key for WebIOPi, with a lot of things to do in the next month :

  • Wiki update and fixes
  • WebIOPi Development resume
  • WebIOPi Cooking Book
  • Special announcement

I hope to release a minor WebIOPi update containing bug fix during January as well as the whole wiki update. A new major release should come with the book later, for spring. You can refer to the bug tracker and the roadmap to get an idea of coming work. Stay tuned.


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