WebIOPi Tutorials & SVN update

WebIOPi wiki has just been updated to complete existing devices tutorial as well as adding a new Serial tutorial. You should take a look on it quickly, by clicking following images.

Writing the Serial tutorial, I discovered a bug, which I immediately fixed and committed to SVN. You’ll find instructions to update WebIOPi in the tutorial.

You will also find all tutorials code on the SVN, in the trunk/tutorials folder. You should get it by updating your WebIOPi install.

I hope you will like it. I don’t plan to make more changes on the wiki, only typo correction and few formatting changes, so I can now focus on the code.

Don’t forget to regularly check hacker tips in the wiki tutorials menu, I may add useful tips.

Devices Tutorial

Serial Turorial

3 thoughts on “WebIOPi Tutorials & SVN update

  1. Hi Trouch

    I am new at this but would firstly like to thank you for making gpio very accesible and easy

    Now for the stupid question
    I can do all the stuff on a seperate computer( connected to my home lan) i.e switch etc but I cant do it from another computer on the internet. eg neighbours
    I think I have to open my router but obviously I have no idea how to do this
    Once again thanks for the system

    Kallie Venter
    South Africa

  2. Hi, I want to buy the software WebIOPi Irrigation System can proceed with the donation of 10 €?
    Following completion of the transaction provederete you to send me the file?

  3. Hi. How do I purchase the WebIOPi Irrigation System ? Also I am by no means a coder and recently created a “hack” whereby I wired up my existing alarm remote to a relay. I setup a scene in tasker (the android phone app) where I can use post to open and close a relay but I cannot figure out how to create a small 1 second delay before the relay automatically turns off. My remote control requires a manual hold of a button for about 1 second to trigger the signal. I soldered wired to the remote that bridge the button when the relay triggers. So basically I need to know how to (via post) set a GPIO pin to 1 for 1 second before it reverts to 0.

    As a mentioned am not a coder, just a hobbiest with no coding skills getting frustrated at my own limitations :) Any help is highly appreciated.