WebIOPi Irrigation System

After the tutorial series, I’m please to announce the first official Irrigation System WebIOPi-based application. It can work with PiFace, IO PI, or any I/O expander supported by WebIOPi.

The system provides both manual and automatic mode, with a week schedule to activate each station in sequence for a given duration. Even for people who don’t have an irrigation system, it’s a very nice application to go more further with WebIOPi. On my side, it pointed me few issues and difficulties can encounter people when using the framework, so I can improve it.


Application is available on demand and provided as a ZIP file containing a Python script, HTML, Javascript and CSS files as well as a README with installation and usage instructions. The code is well documented and can be easily customized by editing HTML and CSS files. You can see the customization made by Benjamin, who integrated the system with his existing WebIOPi applications.


7 thoughts on “WebIOPi Irrigation System

    • Je vais passer par la case “Donate” pour télécharger ce projet Irrigation. Le but à atteindre est un peu ressemblant, c’est pour piloter une vanne (solenoïde), un flash et un appareil photo pour faire des photos de collisions de goutes. Je le fais aujourd’hui en lançant un python en ligne de commande depuis mon MacBook mais l’idée est d’avoir une interface Web pour piloter ça depuis une tablette notamment ;)

  1. hello! i would need to make this:
    pi as webserver
    connect to it via webbrowser,
    there is a javascript counter (will add gauges and so on in the future)
    each time GPIO1 is triggered the counter on the webpage goes +1.. this has to be live with as little delay as possible.

    can this be done with your plugin?



  2. Hello Eric, Webiopi irrigation system is very very nice! I have a question, i have a normal irrigation system with irrigation control and 5 zones.
    It’s possibile with your software and raspberry with piface or other to control 5 zones or more?
    Thanks in advance, bye!


  3. Hi Eric,

    Do you have any SAMPLE CODE that shows how to send a CHARACTER from a website-server-FILE.txt to the SERIAL-PORT of the PI ? ( each 5secs ? looping)