Announcing iomotix – next WebIOPi evolution

WebIOPi 0.7 has been released 6 months ago, and I’m sure you are impatient to see next version alive. The good news is that I’m now working on the next major WebIOPi evolution, a new software and framework called iomotix.

First, iomotix not only supports the RPi, it supports any Linux embedded platform that can run Python and provides GPIO. It includes Raspberry Pi A/B/A+/B+, Beagle Bone, Intel Edison, RIOT Board… Even OpenWRT devices are supported so you can hack your router into an IoT device ! With iomotix, you can juggle with hardware without changing your code.

iomotix provides all WebIOPi’s features, from the consistent hardware abstraction layer with more than 50 devices and sensors supported, to the extensible REST to I/O interface. There is also many improvements, like real time I/O and data push, so you can get notified upon external events. That was a promise, it finally comes.

But one of the most exciting feature is the included Cloud connector, that allows to access your home’s devices from anywhere, without worrying about port-forwarding and complex networking stuff. Stay tuned for more details about that.

iomotix should be available by H1 2015. In the meantime you can learn more and subscribe to be notified upon update on the website : More I’ll have people registered, and faster iomotix will be released ! You can also follow @iomotix, or like iomotix.

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