Weaved Open Beta – access your Pi from anywhere

Since the first WebIOPi launch, one of the biggest question I had from everyone was “How can I access my Pi over Internet?”. It usually requires port-forwarding, but it’s impossible to provide one single tutorial for all.

I recently discovered Weaved IoT Kit, gave it a try, then decided to test it with few of my users on the past two months.

Weaved IoT Kit is really cool, as it allows you to access your Pi from anywhere in less than 15 minutes. It offers an easy to install software on your Pi, a Cloud service, a web portal and iOS application. Everything provide you a secure and configuration-less access to your Pi over Internet. Weaved IoT Kit will be bundled in the coming iomotix framework to provide instant Internet access to your IoT applications.

Weaved is now launching an Open, Public and Free beta at developer.weaved.com. Give it a try now and you will receive an upgrade plan at no cost! You can learn more about Weaved IoT Kit on weaved.com.


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