WebIOPi 0.7.1 with Weaved IoT Kit

Following the closed then open beta, I’m glad to announce you today that WebIOPi is now officially partner with Weaved to provide easy and secure access to your WebIOPi setup over Internet.

With Weaved technology integrated, you won’t need to worry about port-forwarding and complex network configuration. You only need to create a free account on https://developer.weaved.com. When installing WebIOPi 0.7.1, you will be given the option to access your setup over Internet. That will setup the Weaved connector and you will be asked to put your Weaved username and password. That’s it.

As soon as you will start WebIOPi, you will be able to access it over Internet from any web browser or using the Weaved mobile application. The mobile application allows to access WebIOPi in a single tap! You can also send notification from the Pi to your Mobile Phone. At this time, only the iOS version is available, but the Android version is coming.

As usual, you can download WebIOPi via Google Code or directly on Source Forge. You can also check my article about Weaved IoT Kit in the last MagPi issue.

WebIOPi currently does not support Raspberry Pi 2 yet, but some good things are coming. Stay tuned for updates.

8 thoughts on “WebIOPi 0.7.1 with Weaved IoT Kit

  1. Eric,

    Great work with WebIOPi!

    I first read about the Pi at the beginning of this month and the possibilities of what I could do really sparked my interest. I am a mechanical engineer and my programming skills are a bit rusty. I have experience in Fortran, C, C++, and most recently VB. Most of those are a bit rusty but from my experience the key to programming is in the logic not the syntax.

    Anyway, I recently received my Raspberry Pi 2 and realize WebIOPi is not yet compatible with it. Do you know of a temporary work around or could you give me a few pointers with Python to manipulate the GPIO?

    Either way, great work, and I will keep checking back for news regarding the release for the RBP2.



  2. Hello Eric!

    My name is Győző, I live in Romania. Excuse me for my poorly english knowledge.
    I note here at the begining that I have not finished any of electrical engineering, information technology and automation school. All of it as a hobby, I started when I was a child (ZX SPECTUM…C64…XT…286…)and is based on current knowledge and experience of searching on the internet for the solution to my tech related problems. I have lots of experience gained as an interest in the subject and it is also used in the company where I work now has nearly ten years, named SC. SPECTRA SRL. based in Targu Mures, ROMANIA.
    Few months ago I discovered you greatly and useful IoT project, the Webiopi framework. Because my interest is (small) automation and related things, like IoT, I think that your Webiopi project can help me in some applications. So I started to develop the below specified application in work time at Spectra company where I work.

    Many thanks for your great project, and if you think that can be useful to share to public for example to promote your Webiopi framework, feel free to do.
    I published some information’s on my facebook page here: facebook.com/spectrasrl
    My project called WTM-01 (Web Temperature Monitoring) designed for greenhouse appliances and intended to use with mobile devices. For this I use jQuery Mobile, jQ Widgets and others…
    WTM-01 display 8 temperatures and show power (mains) states on the electric network. Can you set alert thresholds, enable/disable alert on specified channel/zone and send alert via e-mail. Please see the block diagram for details.
    At the moment its work in test mode, combined with my earlier temperature monitoring system using PMR radio to transmit temperature data.
    Finally I hope it will be of interest and as soon as I can donate some of it to you.
    I remain respectful and good luck to you in the future!

    Szabó Győző

  3. I too am interested in when this project will be available for the RPi2. I have started using this tool with my learning process and find it to be very useful. Do you have a time-line established for updates and upgrades?

    Thank you for supporting the Raspberry Pi community.


  4. I am very new to WenioPi and want to use this to display analogue and digital
    Just one point:
    ….. Kit in the last MagPi issue. The link does not work!

  5. I love WebIOPi, great job!
    I can’t wait for rPi2 support. Any idea when it will be out?
    None of the workarounds work for me. Managed to get as far as GPIO’s showing IN, but unable to reassign any of them as outputs.
    Lucas – your patches fail to work on my pi, complaining about *input file is garbage* or something similar.

  6. Hi,
    We love WebIOPi, great job! We can’t wait for rPi2 support. It’s also possible to add your new projects at pihunt.co We know RaspberryPi&Arduino funs also love these projects :)