I’m Eric, 28 years old, french hobbyist and R&D engineer in software, networks, mobility and internet of things.

I opened this blog because I want to share and keep a trace of things I may do in my personal geek life.


Skills & interests

I’m skilled in C/C++, Objective-C, Java, Python, and many more on all great systems : Windows, Linux, iOS, Android… I’m also skilled in networks protocols, all over the OSI stack, and specialized in NGN telecom services.

I love electronic, mostly computers, but smaller things too. I also love S.F. and comics universes. I’m also some kind of headbanger as I mostly listen metal music, from early to nu ones. More recently, I started a kid dream, driving powerful R/C cars and I never stopped building LEGOs.


I always been attracted by technological things, starting with s.f. movies and tv shows. I’m a great fan of Terminator, Back to the Futur, Knight Rider, Transformers animated serie, and many others. My life with computers really started in 97-98 (14 y.o) with a refurbished Oric-1 then a brand new Pentium 2 under Win95 I crashed almost 1 month later. I soon tried Linux but it was too complicated for the noob I was. Then I really enjoyed my firsts Pascal programs and quickly understood the Internet potential so I started developing with Sockets. I wanted to do some stuff in my room from outside, but Internet wasn’t so developed, and mobile Internet didn’t exist yet. Nevertheless I continued learning, trying many things, to finally integrate a telecom engineering school which confirmed and completed my knowledge of both electronic and computer sciences. Between that, Internet grown fast with improved connectivity but computers became more and more closed. Then Arduino started the Open Source Hardware era, giving us new opportunities. I tried micro-controllers before, but the possibilities were much limited.

More recently Raspberry Pi came at home. It has almost the same computing power and IO capabilities than my first PC, but the Pi is really smaller, smarter and greener ! I think the Pi is currently the best development platform to make connected things. I started setting up an AirPlay music player : AirPi.

My current personal project is WebIOPi, a REST framework and webapp to control the Raspberry Pi and its GPIO through the web.